Equipment in the Lounge

3D Printers

The lounge has three 3D printers for general member use. There is an Ultimaker 3, and two Ender 3 V2's. All current IEEE national members with lounge access are able to use the 3D printers for free, including filament! These printers are very useful for various class projects as well as personal projects.


Lab Equipment

Along with the 3D printers the lounge also has all brand new lab equipment perfect for completing all your electrical engineering labs!

Equipment you can find in the lounge:

  • 4-ch oscilloscope
  • One 2-output function generator, and one 1-output function generator
  • Solder reflow gun
  • Two 3-output benchtop power supply's
  • Benchtop multimeter
  • LCR meter
  • Two soldering irons
  • and a ton of other misc equipment and components!