IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN), the honor society of IEEE, is dedicated to encouraging and recognizing individual excellence in education and meritorious work, in professional practice, and in any of the areas within the IEEE-designated fields of interest.. HKN meets every other Wednesday, opposite of IEEE meetings, though HKN members are encouraged to attend IEEE meetings as well.

HKN provides various services to the department, including selling lab kits for the EE labs, hosting workshops and other events that teach essential EE skills, and holding regular meetings with faculty and industry speakers.


HKN invites speakers from industry and UNL faculty to present on career opportunities and interesting EE topics. HKN often teams up with IEEE, and past meeting have included an Audio/Video tour of Memorial Stadium, driving Teslas with Dr. Cox, touring NCEE Labs, and hearing representatives from IBM, LI-COR, Bosch, and more talk about job opportunities with their companies. 

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Check out a few of our coolest meetings below!

 January 31, 2017: HKN, IEEE, ASME, and PTS held a joint meeting. This meeting consisted of a panel of engineers from different backgrounds. Students had the opportunity to ask them interview/career advice. We had a great turnout and receive a lot of valuable information from the panelists. 


November 29, 2017: HKN and IEEE held a board game social. This time, (IEEE member) Dominique brought some awesome 3D printed parts and gave some away as prizes. And like always, some of us enjoyed eating free pizza more than others. 


November 1, 2017: HKN featured one of the top engineering firms in the US, Burns & McDonnell. Stephen Brogan shared his experiences at Burns & McDonnell as a department manager in the substation design group. Stephen also provided some key insights on what managers like himself would like to see from potential employees and interns. 


October 25, 2017: HKN and IEEE hosted a SMD soldering workshop. Students got to solder surface mount components onto a remote jammer pcb designed earlier in the year. 

October 18, 2017: HKN hosted local technology, engineering, and manufacturing company Communication Systems Solutions. Pictured below is Perry Howell (middle) talking to our students about some of the opportunities CSS has to offer and the various type of services they provide. After the meeting students got the chance to speak to Perry and one of his best software and hardware engineers about how they can better prepare work in a company like CSS. Perry also provided some insight as to what he likes to see on resumes as a hiring manager.



October 4, 2017: IEEE's treasurer, Logan Prang, demostrates how to design a PCB board using open-source software, KiCAD. Pictured below you will find Logan flawlessly showing how to design a remote-jammer PCB. Students will later get the opportunity to populate this board using surface mount components. Stay tuned.


September 27, 2017: HKN and IEEE hosted a poker night. For those who did not know how to play poker, we got into a heated game of Babies vs Bears. Overall, we had a blast playing both games and, of course,  eating pizza until we were stuffed.


September 21, 2017: HKN, IEEE, and ASME hosted a joint social at 17th and Vine fields. We had a blast throwing around some frisbees and playing some kickball. Once we were all tired and sweaty, we cooled down with some juice boxes and granola bars courtesy of Clare Marsolek of ASME.


September 6, 2017: HKN hosted local power utility company, LES. They informed us on how they power all of Lincoln using underground and overhead transmission. On September 15th, they will be posting job opportunities online, just go to and click on careers. LES only offers  Co-ops to new interns so they can learn what's going on. As they described, it's like drinking from a fire hose when you first show up. If you want to know more, LES will also be at the career fair on both September 25th (for the business majors) and the 26th (for STEM majors).  


August 29, 2017: Our first workshop was a huge success! Students were taught how to solder by assembling a simple LED circuit on a perf board. In addition, a demostration was given on how to use AutoDesk Inventor to model objects as well as print them using our 3D printers.

Having Fun at the First WorkshopMore Fun at the First WorkshopLearning to Solder


August 23, 2017: The first meeting of the year and was an absolutely amazing turnout! Thank you all for coming! We got a lot done, including getting your input on what workshops, guest speakers, projects, and fundraisers you want. After all the seriousness, we got to relax and play some board games. 

First IEEE/HKN Meeting of The Year