Our next meeting will be Wednesday, Feburary 4th at 5:30pm in NH W185. The topic material has yet to be finalized, though we will go over what the spring semester will offer for IEEE.

Officer and Professor of the Year elections will be held April, 15th! 

Robotics Competition Sign-up
We have the CEENBoTs for our robotics competition in the IEEE Lounge (See the attached image). Some documentation can be found here and here, if you would like to take a look. If you are not yet apart of a robotics team but you want to be, you can sign up here. More information on this will be posted after Thanksgiving break.

Previous Meetings
If you miss a meeting and want to know what you missed, you can contact us or if possible, look at the power point summary
Janurary 20th 
Union Pacific talked about their career paths, and what it's like to work as an electrical engineer with their company.