Our printers are run entirely by Repetier software. The computers in the student lounge feature Repetier software to interface   with the printers through our locally hosted server. This print server can be accessed remotely from any computer with internet access and a login code provided to members with student lounge access.

Printing Instructions

  1. Once you have obtained your ".stl" file, you must "slice" your file. This generates machine code (G-Code) that can be executed by a particular 3D printer. Repetier-Host on student lounge computers can do this. Slic3r and Cura Engine are good candidate programs for this task.
  2. After you have generated your G-code, you can begin printing. If you generated the code on the Repetier-Host software in the student lounge, you need only click "Print". If you are accessing a printer remotely, you must choose a printer from the server site, upload your G-Code, and press print. The server allows you manual control of the printer if needed. 
  3. Monitor your print in-person or remotely using the Live Video Stream. Do not leave failed or finished prints on the print bed so other members can use the printer.

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